MeWarning: Actual Reading Required is a blog consisting of reviews and pop culture miscellany. Its author, Anne Yankus is a writer out of Bellevue, NE. She grew up in the Omaha metro area and graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a Bachelor of General Studies. Her bachelor’s had a primary focus in creative writing and secondary focuses in English and theater (an odd combination, I know, but it just worked out that way).

Since then, she’s worked for an online advertising company, where she wrote articles that you, sadly, cannot see since omahanightlife.com rebranded their company and got rid of their old website. She also worked for a couple of insurance companies doing data entry and customer service (bills do not pay themselves, you know) and as a cake decorator in a supermarket (mostly in college, but also part time on the side for a year).

More recently, Anne is a regular contributing writer for Women’s Edition monthly magazine. She also has written comic reviews for Project-Nerd (which you can read here).

She currently lives with her husband, who is a great guy and just as much of a nerd as she is, and their adorable (and spoiled) shiba inu, who now owns the couch, a large portion of the bed, and sometimes the other couch (the whole house, really).

You can hire Anne as a freelance writer or blogger. Just shoot an email over to aryankus@gmail.com with some information about your project.

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